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 AI'ify your Business
Use AI's SuperPowers


We work with:

     Companies, Startups, and visionary, ambitious entrepreneurs that have the integrity and resiliency necessary to succeed.

     Help you find and evaluate opportunities, to determine what it takes to "turn them" into scalable, prosperous businesses.

Haber's Laws:

  AI does it better if it can be done.     (c) 2021
  If it can be done in Software, it will.   (c) 1993

Why, What, How


(Why) After 25 years of work experience covering the entire scale from Engineer to Entrepreneur, it became clear that everyone needs help from StartUps to large Corporations; to see and focus on the most critical long-term success factor, namely making your Consumers and Stakeholders happy. 


(What) Setting the proper goals and defining the Strategy to get there efficiently makes all the difference and creates an "Unfair Advantage" setting you apart from your competitors 


(How) Using the best DevOps methodology for your situation because (one size doesn't fit all) will help you plan resources, follow progress, adapt to changes, and execute the "new" "new" plan. 
Propelling you and your teams into heroes. 

George Haber

AI-driven, ML-inspired, entrepreneur, with ubiquitous hands-on experience, practical wisdom, and purposeful vision.

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